Jan is amazing at what she does.  Her style is gentle, yet direct and she patiently shows her clients how each experience is interwoven with the one before.  Her insightful questions and intuitive nature helped make my sessions 'ah-ha' moments.  I especially liked how she didn't lead me down her path of understanding, but allowed me to walk my own.  I am forever grateful.  I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to heal old wounds and move forward into acceptance and healing.  

Be well,

Jaime M.

Jan gave me a sense from our first meeting that she was someone I would want as a friend.  Besides being very personable , her knowledge and ability to guide me and help me learn about myself and heal from the a horrible loss and life tragedy was almost magical.  I never thought I would feel really happy again or that I would look forward to life again.  I was SO WRONG.  So grateful to have found Jan and I have and would happily recommend her to anyone hurting.

Carrie F.    

I was taken, kicking and screaming, to a Grief Recovery Seminar that Jan did  several years ago after my divorce.  My friend thought it might be something that could help me get out of my “funk”.  When Jan starting talking about all the things people do to avoid feeling, I thought she was talking about me and when I heard her talk about cumulative grief-a light bulb went on in my foggy head.  It wasn’t just my ex wife, our life and the complete turn my life had taken with the divorce.  I made an appointment with Jan with every intention of talking myself out of getting any help.  That didn’t work. Jan led me thru the losses in my life and I discovered that my brother’s suicide 15 years prior was burning in my heart.   With Jan’s skilled and compassionate guidance, I was able to resolve all the guilt, shame , anger and sadness I had buried and I literally had a physical lightness.  I went back and dealt with my divorce and with the tools of the Grief Recovery Handbook, have been able to live more fully and been able to be a dad in a way I could not have imagined.  Her amazing skill and ability to make me feel totally comfortable and never judged was a true gift for my life and all the people I love.  I have since referred other family members (even my ex wife) and they have all thanked me .  Truly feel so fortunate to have been taken to that seminar. 

Shawn C.  

If you have a broken heart and want to stop feeling like a giant ball of crap-you have found the right person to help you.  Jan was the 4th professional I had gone to for help-and the last.  She knew I was afraid and made me feel like I could be honest and unashamed for my feelings.  She brought the Grief Recovery Handbook to life for me and helped me even when I got stuck.  She helped me get my zest for life back.  Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Cindy F.

I worked with Jan in addiction treatment.  She is fearless!!   Watching her with clients and  utilizing the Grief Recovery Method with recovering addicts convinced me it was worth investigating.  She generously offered to help me face my own fears of looking at the losses in my life.  I was astounded at how it affected me.  Her ability, knowledge and passion for helping other is unparalleled.  She not only helped me begin to live my life with a whole new sense of joy, but has taught me so much about helping others.  I adore her.

Jane R.

I recommend Jan .  One of her abilities is to empathize while offering constructive solutions.  She has a very positive outlook which in no way lessens the grief itself, but is supportive of the processes one has to go through to get closer to happiness.  I can think of no better person to provide guidance.

Sherrie T.

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